Can I possess sex during childbearing?


So, a regular sex life is extremely desirable because it provides not alone a strengthening of a pelvic floor muscles, but also positive emotions and feelings for you and your newborn. A fact that a uterus during orgasm slightly declining, which is perceived by a baby how a mild and pleasant massage. And remember, if you love and happy, and happy future newborn - happy hormones come to him done a blood.

Cheers! Enjoy life! You careless pregnancy and "mild" delivery.

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Mums share their experience: the therapy of a common cold-blooded upon pregnancy



Very comfortably to a nose and throat gargle with saline h2o. As It is possible to be cured, and the prevention of an excuse. This way has helped me not to have sick upon pregnancy, when it was flu season.



Do not know around the "stars", but "Akvamaris" and should not "help" at a cold-blooded, if a goal - get rid of it. Its basic task - thin the mucus and moisten a mucous membranes of a nose to make hygiene. Apply it in a method potential and required, just want to clearly understand why. Incidentally, there are more cheap means, in essence no different with the "Akvamarisa" and a similar - is saline (approachable at pharmacies), or plain h2o with saline in a proportion of 1 liter of stewing h2o 1 teaspoonful salt without slides (you can sea, which for preparation). Читать полностью -->

Meeting mum with the hospital: Tips for Dads


But all this is not enough to buy - you also need to thoroughly equip a baby (or a rooms where a child is sleeping.) For example, to collect the bed. To put it in a rightly place: not a battery, not the window, not the wood door. It would be fine to hang around crib night light: it's firmly to get up at night to the baby in a pitch dark, and lots of sunshine do not need to comprise.

And it would be wise to equipment changing desk - a place where you can disguise the child. And all novokuplennoe clothes for a child would be nice to throw in the washing machine and wash with baby powderise.

Pram, scales, various rattles, baby monitor, ear sticks, scissors for cutting nails and other required (and not so) items It is possible to buy a little later - per day or two of the arriving home mum with a newborn.

Feast - the mountain!

What last item I want to do an average woman 18 years old who has just arrived home from the hospital? That's right, move by grocery stores, then make for a some times in advance. How be sure to score a refrigerator items, but certainly tasty and healthy. Hardly a nursing mother will be pleased abundance smoked sausages, egg, mushrooms, and kefir. Читать полностью -->

Mothers share their experience: as to facial skin from a hosp.


Day, when the mom is discharged with the infirmary with a baby in her arms - a more memorable and great. In the end, it is the entry into a new your and a reason to be proud! For father and close statement is no less influential, which is why they are often placed the original meeting of mum and newborn.

If the birth took place naturally and without complications (no breaks and no stitches), a mother may write on a third time. If a baby was born by Caesarean section, a time will finish up to a week. These terms are relevant, provided that in both cases a child is healthy and does not need additional monitoring and leaving. Otherwise, crumbs may either leave a children's department (and mum to write), or transferred to Children's Hospital.

If a birth was planned and on time, then ideally you have a home to be collected all the required things for discharge. If labor is caught by surprise your family, it is significant, but a great download falls on your helpmate and / or relatives.

- Car Seat

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Mothers share a experience: the treatment of the common cold upon gestation


Because of reduced immunity any people during childbearing avoided colds. When the 1-st specific ailments expectant mother begins to worry and panic - a like therapy, so however not to harm a baby. We asked moms on the site of what is allowed during pregnancy helps to overcome a common cold-blooded, and they gathered a whole experience in one substance.

When a first symptoms of catarrhal diseases (SARS, influenza) want call a physician - is momentous how soon however potential to create an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Before a arrival of a doctor may relieve your condition in the following ways.

Running nose

A main item to remember - vasoconstrictor nasal drops expectant mothers are strictly contraindicated. These comprise naphazoline, tizin, Nazol oxymetazoline and others. 1st, they are addictive, and secondly, at high doses very detrimental capacity on a heartiness of a unborn baby.

The safest method to ease a condition - clean out nose plenty of salted h2o.

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