Mothers share their experience: how to face with the hosp.


Time, when the mother is discharged from the hosp. With the baby in her arms - a extremely memorable and influential. In the end, it is a entry into a new your and a cause to be proud! For father and close statement is no less important, which is why they are often placed the original meeting of mother and child.

If a birthday took place kindly and without complications (no breaks and no stitches), a mother may write on a 3-rd day. If the baby was born by Caesarean section, the time will finish up to a 7 days. These terms are relevant, provided that in both cases a newborn is healthy and does not require additional monitoring and care. Otherwise, crumbs may either leave the children's department (and mother to write), or transferred to Children's Hospital.

If a birth was planned and on time, so ideally you enjoy a home to be collected all a indispensable items for discharge. Читать полностью -->

Moms share a experience: a therapy of the common coldness upon pregnancy


Because of dropped immunity any people during gestation avoided colds. When the 1st specific ailments expectant mother begins to worry and panic - a like treatment, so how not to harm the child. We asked mums on a site of what is allowed upon gestation helps to overcome a common coldness, and you gathered the whole experience in one substance.

When the 1-st symptoms of catarrhal diseases (SARS, influenza) need call a medical man - is momentous however soon as possible to make an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Before the arrival of a doctor may relieve your condition in a following ways.

Running nose

A chief thing to remember - vasoconstrictor nasal drops expectant moms are strictly contraindicated. These include naphazoline, tizin, Nazol oxymetazoline and others. 1-st, they are addictive, and secondly, at high doses very detrimental effect on the heartiness of the unborn baby.

The safest technique to ease the condition - clean nose plenty of salted h2o.

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On vacation with the newborn: Finland


Tickets to Finland

If you travel by plane, you buy tickets so soon however a book and pay House. This allows you to save considerably. Train ticket sale starts 45 times, how if you are leaving on December 29, so take care of a tickets in a middle of November.

Influential Tips for traveling to Finland

• Vacation should be booked within six months. That is, if you are planning to go to a New Year holidays, it is best to take upkeep of a accommodation in a summer, in July and August. Early booking will give you the most significant advantages: a huge choice of free houses and a cost is half that which would be just before a holidays.

• Do not forget that January - the winter sales, while Finland is famous for a top property winter clothing and footwear. It is possible to buy yourself and the child to the good stuff at deep prices. Читать полностью -->

Mothers share their experience: a therapy of a common coldness during gestation



In early childbearing had a cold. Stuffy nose healed that sniffing onions. Much. Gynecologist advised Watter Institute, he alone of herbs, but is much goodness for colds. More Engystol 3 minutes daily with a sore throat and tonsillitis Hel 1 tablet. Rightly I have chamomile rinse and throat instead of milk brewed it, raspberry tea. Читать полностью -->

10 stringent "no" upon childbearing



It is believed that excess caffeine causes strain on the cardiovascular system of a mother and a fetus, causing anxiety and can even lead to miscarriage or premature birth. But here we need mention that this is how, if drinking more than 3 cups of espresso per day. Gerls with high-pressure coffee at contraindicated.


The leads to a drug always indicated, whether it is contraindicated for pregnant gerls. Otherwise correct once again consult a doctor. Prohibited upon pregnancy vasoconstrictor nasal drops, Ambroxol, Ambrobene, aspirin, approximately antibiotics, etc.


Of a sufficiently large number of valuable herbs meet those that may cause a miscarriage, and those that enjoy a negative capacity on a fetus. Learn which herbs are contraindicated, may be in our Encyclopedia.

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