10 stringent "no" upon gestation



Protect yourself from stressful situations want always, but particularly upon pregnancy. So, if your job involves heavy schedule, frequent talks and efficient participation in big-scale projects, consider so to avoid it all. The downloading on the job in any case must not affect either on your nerves, or hygiene - a and a baby.

Some of the items

Do not eat raw or undercooked eggs. The eggs want be good cooked, whites and yolks - strongly. This prevents a risk of salmonella. You can not drink raw (not pasteurized) milk, only the one that have well heat treatment or pasteurization. Читать полностью -->

Moms share your experience: the treatment of the common coldness during gestation


Because of reduced immunity any people during pregnancy avoided colds. When the first specific ailments expectant mom begins to worry and panic - the like medication, how however not to harm the baby. We asked mums on the site of what is allowed during gestation helps to overcome the common cold-blooded, and they gathered the whole experience in one substance.

When a first symptoms of catarrhal diseases (SARS, influenza) should call the medical man - is great so soon however potential to make an accurate diagnosis and appropriate therapy. Before a arrival of the medic can relieve their condition in a following ways.

Running nose

The main item to remember - vasoconstrictor nasal drops expectant mothers are strictly contraindicated. These include naphazoline, tizin, Nazol oxymetazoline and others. First, you are addictive, and secondly, at big doses extremely detrimental effect on a health of the unborn newborn.

A safest method to ease the condition - polish nose plenty of salted aqua.

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Mums share their experience: the therapy of the common cold-blooded upon pregnancy



In early gestation had a cold. Stifling nose healed that sniffing onions. Much. Gynecologist advised Milk Institute, he only of herbs, but is very helf for colds. More Engystol 3 times daily with a sore throat and tonsillitis Hel 1 tablet. Properly I get chamomile rinse and throat instead of tea brewed it, raspberry tea. Читать полностью -->

Hip Dysplasia in Children


What to do

Hip dysplasia - a problem that does not depend on you. Remember that you can not do anything to prevent it, and in no way responsible for its occurrence. Often, it takes approximately time to cope with a emotions after such a diagnosis. Find a medical man you trust and discuss with him your concerns.

Caring for a baby with dysplasia may be a small more heavily. Find ways to reduce stress and relax, to maintain their own health. The more energy you have, the easier it is to look after the baby, and thus easier and him!

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Meeting mom from a hosp.: Tips for Dads


A some more times - and they will be at home: a child newborn and his mother. On a one mitt, you require to celebrate a fact of his paternity with friends until a onset of a harsh working your! On the other - you need to prepare the apartment for a arrival of the newborn and buy all you request... And if tips for organizing a stag party would obviously unnecessary, however perfect to spend cleaning and what to buy for Mum and Baby, we are happy to tell.

Clean out - the guarantee of hygiene

Many father sincerely believe that the best method to lead an room in ordering - to invite a duo of days to a beloved mom in law. And even better - hire a professional cleaner. Those who decided to put things on a own purity, better beginning cleaning with the top: not to wash floors, and, say, wipe a dust on the shelves and cabinets. This has a certain logic: the dust and dirt rarely soar upward - more frequently than not fall down. Читать полностью -->

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