Sex during pregnancy poses, fears and new sensations


With that, may or may not have sex, understood. What about a item in which the expectant mom will be comfortable to indulge in amorous pleasures? And what if a future Pope who fear intimacy?

Sex positions upon gestation

In the first trimester of the intimate your of a moms and dads does not differ from doberemennogo period, but in the second and third pair keep to adapt to actively growing belly. In general, the farther a quaintness. For example, with 12-13 week, experts recommend to completely abandon a positions, in which the woman lies on her back: potyazhelevshaya uterus can pinch blood vessels and obstruct blood flow, and so a effect instead of excitement and pleasure you get dizziness, weakness and nausea.

Here are some positions that, according to doctors, are the safest for pregnant women upon a second and 3-rd trimesters.

"Rider": a man, lying or sitting, woman 18 years old on top.

Pros: On the belly did not press, partner itself controls the depth and power of penetration.

Cons: In the finish three weeks of actively moving quite firmly, and deep penetration, easily attainable in this position, may bring discomfort.

Yield: not move up and down, just back and forth - this will help reduce the physical stress experienced by a woman in such a position.

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