As dangerous cord entanglement


Cord entanglement: Causes

Developing newborn makes much of movement - and the less a childbearing, the nimble small fellow (the closer he has deliveries more closely in a uterus, and why, the activity is reduced).

Imagine frolicking dolphins - somersaults, flips, somersaults, spirals of varying complexity. Similarly, a move inside your belly baby - and any one of these "trick" may cause entanglement umbilical cord around one or some part of his aging body. Fair to say that the newborn is equally good however spins and spins a loop of umbilical cord. That is why a ultrasound diagnosis of "entanglement umbilical cord around the neck skin (torso, pens, etc.)" - this is not a cause for parents to immediately began to tear his hair. Rather, it is a signal for a leading obstetrician gestation - currently claim to watch next mum and her child a little closer, and, in addition, you want to conduct additional tests.

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