Moms share their experience: so to face from a hospital


By a way, cleaned and prepared to meet a kid apartment - probably best surprise for mom.



I met with the hospital in-law and her sister. Her helpmate was a little late, and instead of flowers, solemnly handed me a birth certificate of our dear daughter))) And a cottage waiting for me to shine ubranaya apartment has bed done crib and set table. I Think about it it is good than any color and orchestras.



I met my husband, daughter, brother, husband and moms and dads. Gave me a flowers that her husband had been in a hands of a box of candy, we gave doctors. And moms and dads remember that flowers and champagne for medicinal personnel, when it was approximately 15 minutes we got out of a hosp.. There are a couple of pictures of normal, a some video shooting. All kissed a child in her arms, used and drove home. I had one wish hasten to have home, because I was there for TWO.5 weeks was not. Without my helpmate bought a crib, clothes, bed skein. Sister-in stroller presented - wanted to see everything. Husband himself cleaned a apartment, and we still enjoy not completed a evolution, it is not just pribart, but as well bought curtains. In short, I was happy that I was home! How first time I got there - It's not recognized. Everyone is happy. All corny, but how much happiness was.

A helpmate said he did not recognize me - I've lost mass and changed, but he likes.

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