Sex upon pregnancy poses, fears and new sensations


"Koloboks not sexy." Yes, a form varies from 30 days to 30 days gestation breasts increase several sizes, fullness and aging body and takes a smooth anatomy. Gerls such transformation often seems ugly: shy own size, future moms decide "not to shame" and are abandoning private life. You will not believe, but men tend to perceive these bodily changes his partner with great enthusiasm! Strive to believe in the sincerity of the burning desire of a helpmate, and the relationship to itself certainly replace. By the method, if you are very ashamed of their own size, can be seductively draped in silk sheets, or choose a posture in which the spouse will be visible only your bony shoulder.

"Motherhood - is sacred!" Approximately men are seriously contemplating complete whether to engage in unbridled sex with "five min to a mother of the baby?" In this situation it is necessary to remind your partner that each person there is lots of variant roles becoming mom, you do not stop being a girl - a law of conservation of gravity in these matters is not working.

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