Five rules to a healthy heart


Start with at least one respect the rules - and this is to help make your heart healthier. According to statistics, only one proper diet reduces a risk of heart attack by 57%. Shall we get?

Joking aside, a "rightly" mass to avoid many heartiness problems that ultimately affect a heart. Waist 89 centimeters more - a real threat. Familiar teacher Medic Institute called it "fat chain": too much fat - relative insulin deficiency - in the blood glucose concentration (occurs 2 diabetes) - increases a level of cholesterol - there is atherosclerosis, high blood pressure.

And often on a chain events develop in people with abdominal obesity - that is, when a fat is stored mainly in the waist. From this point of view, to be a "woman-blower" (yet waist hips) is much consummate than being a "girl's big apple" (waist wider hips). You have to do the waist!

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