Art therapy for pregnant gerls


Sand Therapy

To initiate this process as well should particular equipment. Namely - a sandpit with strictly specified sizes 50h70h8 (with 50cm x 70cm - the sizing of a field, and 97 cm - depth). It is believed that such a sizing corresponding to a sizing of the field of vision. Also needed sand, water, and a collection of miniature characters (creatures, animals, plants, objects, terrain, etc.). The bottom and sides sandbox need be painted in the color blue: a bottom symbolizes h2o, and the board - the sky.

Sandbox - it's your world. You must to imagine a situation in which you wish to work (for example, family conflict or having a baby). You can take a figures and objects and arrange them in the sandbox. While you can replace the figures in approximately places, but after a alignment is complete and you have said some this psychologist, nothing may change. Psychologist analyzes the resulting picture and tells you some potential problems in the perception of the situation, and then with you looking for options to overcome these problems.

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