A 1st bride of the baby


You barely have time to check out of the hospital, however friends and relatives along call you with a matter: "Comfortably, how's the child? Can not wait to see him! ". When and so to arrange child bride?

Wait time

The tradition of a bride hold a child came a very long time. Our ancestors did not show anyone a child and not told approximately it until a 40th day later birth. Upon this period, time to christen a newborn and it was thought that, today that he is protected from a evil eye, it finally can be introduced to a world.

Currently, too, it is believed that a 1st month of a baby's your good than no show. But not for causes of a evil eye, and on a reference of pediatricians - immunity child has not along formed, and the man who seems healthy may award him the infection, of which he is a holder.

In addition, a mother and newborn to get used to any other, and the constant flow of visitors can prevent them great tune an emotional connection. In addition, approximately infants may scare foreign voices and smells - how a result they will start to act up. And a constant visits may prevent mother to set up not yet established regime crumbs - she wants to stay with the guests, which is why she prefers "doderzhat" baby and put him to sleep, while guests will not leave because of what a newborn may easily raskapriznichatsya.

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