10 strict "no" upon pregnancy


Gestation - is a state of mind, body, and lustiness of a whole aging body. This is a wonderful and memorable time in a life of a young woman, how, and quite vulnerable. So, a expectant mum can not be vigilant and to be aware that it is strictly forbidden in these 9 weeks paunchy happiness.


The effects of alcohol on a fetus has been properly investigated. Ethanol readily crosses the placenta directly into a blood of a fetus, causing birthday defects. Facials anomalies, microcephaly (underdevelopment of the brain), physical underdevelopment, abnormalities of - that's what threatens the apply of alcohol, especially in a first trimester.


In cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide, which reacts with hemoglobin and replaces approximately of the oxygen gas exchange. How a effect, both a mother and a fetus lacks oxygen. Intrauterine hypoxia fraught with developmental delays, problems with a cardiovascular system, lowered immunity. Smoking upon gestation may cause placental abruption, fading childbearing and even early birth. Nicotine also can affect a psyche of a newborn.

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